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Major Events

Professor Joseph Stiglitz receiving His Doctor Honoris Causa Title (Dec. 1999). View

Professor C.J. Rinjvos (former rector of Erasmus University, Holland) receiving His Doctor Honoris Causa Title.  View

Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz - winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics 2001 -, Andrew Weiss - Professor at Boston University - and Howard I. Golden - president of the Brookdale Group - visit at the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest (Dec. 2001). View

Defending Master Dissertations
Defending Master Dissertations 10-11 July, 2009. View
Defending Master Dissertations 11-13 July, 2008. View
Defending Master Dissertations 7-9 July, 2007. View
Defending Master Dissertations 9-10 July, 2006. View
Defending Master Dissertations 28 - 29 June, 2004. View
Defending Master Dissertations 7 - 8 July, 2003. View
Exam for Master's Degree at DOFIN 28 & 29 June, 2002, View
Econometrics examination - PhD programe. View
Exam for Master's Degree at DOFIN 9 & 10 July, 2001 . View
Doctoral Conferences
PhD Student Razvan Pascalau (University of Alabama) conference - 10 January 2007 - "Unconditional Mean, Volatility and the Fourier - GARCH Representation"     View
Prof. Ioanid Rosu (University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business) conference - 18 December 2006 - "Earnings Management and Market Prices"     View
Dr. Ioanid Rosu (Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business) conference - 24 March 2005 - "Price Formation in Financial Markets"     View
Dr. Cristian Sima (WBS) conference - 22 March 2005 - "Produse financiare derivate (I)"     View
PhD student Anamaria Nicolae (University of Durham) conference - 22 December 2004 - "The Impact of Imperfect Credibility in a Transition to Price Stability "   View
Professor Andreas Kolodziejak (European Commission - Brussels) conference - 10 November 2004 - “Preference dynamics, migration and potential growth: implications for monetary policy”   View

Professor M. Peter van der Hoek, (Erasmus University ) conference - 7 May 2004 - “The European Union: Eastern Enlargement and Taxation”   View

Professor Van der Hoek (Erasmus University) conference on "Some issues regarding EU accession"    View

PhD student Anca Dimitriu (ISMA Centre - The Reading University) conference on "Abnormal Returns in Equity Markets: Evidence from a Dynamic Indexing Strategy"    View

Professor Stuart A. Umpleby (The George Washington University) conference on Quality Management    View

Professor Van der Hoek (Erasmus University) conference on European Integration    View

Professor Carol Alexander (ISMA Centre - The University of Reading) conferences on "Operational Risk Measurement : Advanced Approaches" and "VaR and Option Pricing with Normal Mixture Density Functions"    View

Professor Jacques Pezier (The Warwick University) conferences on "Management of Operational Risk", "Dynamic Hedging of Financial Products in Imperfect Markets" and "Performance Measures - Static but Beyond Normality"    View

Professor Michael Smith (ISMA Centre - The University of Reading) conference "Options - a trading perspective"    View

Professor Simon P. Burke (The Reading University) conference "Lectures in Econometrics - some aspects of time series econometrics"    View

Professor Paul Wachtel (Stern School of Business - New York University) conference on "The Financial Sector, Monetary Policy and Central Banks"    View

Professor Michael Artis and Professor C.J. Rinjvos - Symposium on Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Euro Area    View

Professor Michael Artis (IUE Florence, Italy) conference on Optimal Currency Area    View

Dr. Ioanid Rosu (MIT) conference on Capital Assets Pricing Model (CAPM) with liquidity    View

Professor Carol Alexander (ISMA Centre - The University of Reading) Lectures on Market Risk and Dr. Jacques Pezier (General Manager Credit Agricole Lazard Financial Products Bank) conference on Dynamic Hedging of Market Risks    View

Professor Christopher Nobes (The Reading University) conference "An Overview of the IASC"    View

Professor David Perez-Castrillo conference on "Economics of Information" and Professor Ines Macho-Stadler conference on "Tax Evasion"    View

Professor C.J. Rinjvos and Professor M. Peter Van der Hoek - Symposium on Business Ethics    View

Professor Peter van der Hoek (Erasmus University) conference on Taxation in the UE View

Professor Mike Smith (The Reading University) conference on Derivatives    View

Professor Marcus Miller (Warwick University) conference on Insurance Bubble and Stock Market Valuation    View


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